How to Build a Sales Funnel?

Paul López
Oct 12, 2023
How to Build a Sales Funnel?

Understanding how a sales funnel works is crucial so that you can apply it to your business or startup. Often, when we think about selling, we assume that the only important thing is for people to know about you, and the rest will follow naturally. However, things don’t work that way. There are many processes that a person goes through before becoming a customer.

Firstly, what is a sales funnel? It is the process that a potential buyer follows from before they know about you until they receive the product or service you offer. This process is generally divided into three parts:

Top of the Funnel (TOFU):

Objective: Build brand awareness and attract customers.

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU):

Objective: Educate leads about the company’s products and services.

Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU):

Objective: Convert leads into customers.

These stages can become more complex and may vary depending on your business.

Now let’s create a sales funnel for a clothing company called KW and how we would manage it at PlannerTeam.


Define the target audience. In this case, it will be young people aged 18 to 25 who are fashion-conscious and want to stay on trend. They don’t like following the crowd and always seek to stand out in their style.

Generate valuable content: We will create a series of videos that showcase how KW clothing sets itself apart from the rest and how we aim to stand out. We will focus on designing posts that convey something unique.

We will send clothing to various influencers who are fashion leaders to talk about us and create combinations with our clothing. We will advertise with the most representative videos.


We will develop an e-commerce site with the same aesthetics as social media content. Since we have already made ourselves known through social media, the goal now is to invite users to join the KW community through a newsletter in which we will share fashion ideas and the latest trends. They can also participate in the creative process of the next clothing line.

When they browse the website, we will showcase the most relevant garments and those used most by influencers.

We need to ensure that payment methods and shipping options are clear so they are not afraid to proceed due to uncertainty.


We will ensure that the purchasing process is as fast as possible, including shipping, with no additional costs that could deter product purchases.

Return Policy: We will create a very generous exchange or return policy so that buyers are not afraid to acquire something they do not like or that does not fit well.

This way, we ensure that potential customers move from one stage to another. What we need to remember is that the process has to be linked between the parts; otherwise, the user will encounter inconsistencies in the process and exit the funnel.

This process should be measured and adjusted constantly to achieve the best results, but having it defined is an excellent starting point.

For services, your funnel can begin by offering free content on how you work or explaining the topics you want to address. From there, you can guide them to contact you via WhatsApp or direct message and offer a free consultation. The final step is to build trust in your service and make a purchase.

If you need help with your sales funnel or the creation of an e-commerce platform that effectively addresses all these steps, do not hesitate to contact us. We can meet to discuss and find a solution.

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